Are we Spiritual Beings Having a Physical Experience?

Our modern mindset conditions us to look at the world as physical beings, collections of matter and dust; advanced robots; machines with a brain.   Into this materialistic framework, we have a hard time fitting spirit, the notion that there is something more than mere inert, lifeless stuff at the core of existence.  Spirit and matter have never gone together well, like a light breeze blowing through the Grand Canyon, spirit does not affect matter, and may be simply an illusion.

But this attitude leads to a big what if?  What if we are in fact spiritual beings having a physical experience. who have fooled themselves into thinking that our essence is matter, rather than spirit?  In his controverisal book, The Phenomenon of Man,  French Philosopher and Jesuit Priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, wrote that indeed, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Suppose we take this as our starting point, and then venture out into the world and its ideas.  Where does it lead?  In his new book, Divine Living: The Essential Guide to Finding Your True Destiny, Anthon St. Maarten, takes Chardin’s perspective as true and re-interprets much of our human experience.  And it starts to make more sense.  Anthon in my guest on the latest installment of Conversations Beyond Science and Religion. 



  1. I think the reason it is such a difficult issue for people to grasp – that is spirit as a reality and matter an illusion – is because there is no real language that is suitable to the imagination. My interview with God, in my book What to Do When You’re Dead, describes in detail the concept of ‘spirit begat soul, soul begat body.’ The reason also that this is difficult to unlock as a secret of creative means is because people don’t see how matter is held in suspension by the spirit of being. There is a construct that people tend to ignore within the mechanisms of the cells, and that is that they are connected totally by the electromagnetic core of creation. If this is hard to accept it’s only because the way that science describes matter is different than the way the creator describes it. The creator makes it known in my book that matter molecules are held in suspension, they are not collected by themselves but by the will of the being that is making them. If science were to see will as a force rather than as a feeling, there would be an entirely different model at work and the world would turn upside down in the crux of its imagination. Will is a perfect core of its own. It has a staple in the diet of imagination, and that is that the surface of its purpose is in the imagination first, so rather than a body that has an imagination. it is an imagination that has a body.

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