Conversations Beyond Science and Religion: Creative Evolution

According to Darwinians, evolution is a random, directionless process without purpose or goal; if it looks creative, it is only by accident. On the other side of the spectrum, the intelligent design movement believes that the only explanation for the order in the living world is God. But are these two viewpoints — Darwinism and intelligent design — the only choices? Might there be a way to explain the evolution of life in a manner that transcends both Darwin and intelligent design? On this show, Dr. Amit Goswami, the author of Creative Evolution, The Self-Aware Universe, The Visionary Window, and many other cutting-edge books, joins host Philip Mereton in a discussion of the weaknesses of both Darwinism and intelligent design, and why we need to find a new way to account for creative evolution. Also on this show is the first installment of Something More, where Philip Mereton talks with Theodore Poulis, the publisher of Dream River Press, about why he entered the publishing world and the new titles his company is offering.

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