Conversations Beyond Science and Religion: How to QuantumThink

Quantum theory, the idea that our observations determine reality, may apply not only to the world outside of us but also to the way we think. Who better to guide us through these cutting-edge ideas than our guest, Dianne Collins,, author of “Do you QuantumThink? New Thinking that will Rock your World,” who joins our host Philip Mereton in a groundbreaking discussion of how quantum theory may be more than a theory of the physical world; it may also hold the key to improving the lives we all lead. The old worldview of classical physics said that a mechanical world running on its own power operates completely outside of us; quantum theory says the old way is wrong: we are in some mysterious way connected to the world. In quantum theory we leap to new energy states. Might these same principles apply to thinking? Are we ready for a quantum leap in thought?

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