Philip Comella’s guest appearance on PoweredUp Podcasts
Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin interview Philip Comella about his book The Collapse of Materialism as part of their Soul Search Tuesdays program.
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Philip Comella’s guest appearance on 21st Century Radio with Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, D.H.L.
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Philip Comella’s guest appearance on This Week in America with Ric Bratton.
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Philip Comella guest appearance on Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation with Peter Tongue on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave
Can human consciousness be explained by Darwin and materialist science? Does matter exist outside of the mind, with no rationale or direction, the universe created completely by chance? Materialists have held that there is no room for purpose or design. We exist in a random and unconscious universe that has evolved through natural selection. However a very different view of the universe and its creation has co-existed with this point of view. In the alternative version, the universe is the creation of a powerful and purposeful mind, one that exists outside of matter and is the creator of matter. For millennia, these two opposing viewpoints have clashed with catastrophic results. Philip Comella will discuss his book, The Collapse of Materialism, proposing a profound shift in the way that we look at the exchange of beliefs between these two domains. We may be at the beginning of a time of great spiritual awakening one that unifies the now colliding cultures of science and religion.
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Listen to Philip Comella on Godspeed Institute Radio
Topics in the hour include: Science’s Great Assumption; how science focuses on matter, or ‘stuff’; how the worldview of the Big Bang, Darwinian evolution, the God delusion, and the heat death of the universe affect us; what happens when we turn our focus away from the ‘stuff’ toward the state of mind of the dreamers; how spirit is built within the framework of creation, not outside it; the role of religion in relation to science; materialism; compassion as a law of nature; hope; and much more.
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Saturday, August 13th, 7-8pm Eastern Mystical Cruise, Bringing Inspiration to Earth: Author Philip Comella will be interviewed by Robert Sharpe, who brings hope, inspiration and promotes a positive outlook on life.

Monday, August 8th, 1-2pm Eastern Rewiring Your Brain: Author Philip Comella will be interviewed by Doctor Robert Rose, renown educator, and innovator, a maverick who always asks – Why?

Friday, July 1st Listen to (or read) Judyth Piazza (CEO, Editor and Interviewer, SOP) chats with Philip Comella on “The American Perspective”..