Conversations Beyond Science and Religion: Is Religion More Natural than Science?

Science deals with the natural world; religion rests upon the supernatural. Science is empirical, methodical, and self-critical; religion deals with a truth revealed by God, and hence beyond questioning. But some cognitive researchers are finding that religion is in fact more natural than science; it comes fast and easy, and does not have to be taught or experienced. Science, meanwhile, is slow, hard, and time-consuming; it deals with things and ideas far removed from everyday life. The naturalness of religion means that despite all the advances of science, it may never go away. On this show, Dr. Robert McCauley, the Director of Mind, Brain, and Culture at Emory University, and author of the New Scientist article, “Natural Religion, Unnatural Science,” and the new book, Why Religion is Natural and Science Unnatural, joins host, Philip Mereton, in an engaging conversation about what brain research is telling us about the sustained power of religion in our scientific world.

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