Philosophers Breaking Paradigms

Although few people study it any more, everyone has a philosophy. It could be a philosophy about the role of religion in your life, working hard, staying upbeat, or not caring about anything. Although science today is viewed as the dominant source of authority, science itself was born in philosophy, and it might be helpful to re-examine what philosophy means and how we can all use a little more of it in our lives. On this installment of Conversations Beyond Science and Religion,  I talk with internationally-known natural philosopher, Mark Ballabon, author of Courting the Future: Preparing for a Different World, and Why is the Human on Earth? about how we are all born philosophers, which is to say, born to wonder and to question. When we start using these inborn skills, we can strip away many of our preconceptions about science, spirituality and religion, and perhaps head toward a new paradigm.



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