Radical Worldviews

A radical idea is one “marked by considerable departure from the usual or traditional.”  The thought that the world is really a powerful dream-in-progress of the one mind of God — synonymous  with the united mind of humankind — is indeed radical, as it is a departure from “the usual or traditional” worldview of modern science, which is based upon materialism.    But the real question is whether this new thought is a departure from the truth; it could be that what we now call the “traditional and the usual”  is the  radical viewpoint, and this new thought, the truth. 

This explains why we must be careful not to use labels to control what we think about, particularly if the label-maker is an advocate for the unexamined “traditional and usual.”  

Now the thought that the world is really a dream is radical when compared to modern science’s current worldview.  Under modern science’s theories, the universe emerged from the Big Bang approximately 14 million years ago and then with the help of the  laws and forces of nature managed to transform itself into the picture perfect world we see outside our windows.   Modern science says matter –the hard stuff of world — came first and then mind and life emerged from matter.  If the world is a dream exactly the opposite would be true: matter, or rather, the appearance of matter, the earth, the sky, and other people, emerged from the mind as in any other dream, but with one big difference.  In this instance the source of the dream is not one person but the united mind of humankind; the forceful presence of what we call  reality would be a result of the power of the united dreaming mind, also known as God.  

So the dream perspective is indeed radical as compared to modern science’s perspective.  But, on the other hand, the material science worldview is radical when compared to the dream perspective.   Imagine you are dreaming at night and someone in your dream tells you that it really is not a dream at all; some force outside of your mind planted the dream-vision in front of you for you to experience.  Would not you think that this person in your dream is off his rocker?  After all, it’s your dream coming from your mind.

A modern scientist can say the same thing about someone who believes the world is really a dream.  Modern scientists believe the world came at us via the Big Bang, not from us; the world of nature controls us, we do not control it.  They effectively tell us God’s dream is the result of unknown, mysterious “scientific” forces born in the far-off void of the early universe.

So we have competing viewpoints, both radical to each other, but with one difference:  the world of the dream is logically prior to science’s Big-Bang materialism.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that it is more likely the world is a dream rather than a place born in the chaotic frenzy of the Big Bang.  We know in our world dreams are possible; no one has ever experienced a Big Bang, science has no answer for where the matter and energy supposedly present at the Big Bang came from, or how this mindless matter ever managed to begin following the mathematical laws of nature.

All these questions are answered in the big dream;  the mind can always determine the course of its own dream but only if the individuals dreamers (i.e., the people of the world) unite to control the dream along a common path.


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