Synchronicities, Large and Small

A synchronicity is a rare coincidence that suggests “something is up.”  We all have them and it is fun to record them as they happen and then to go back and see if they seem as strange as when they first occurred.  For example, I was researching regulations at Lake Carroll, Illinois on whether boat lifts were allowed in docking areas.  That evening I received an email from a work colleague entitled, “The Boatlifters: The Story of 9-11.”  I was reading the book, His Excellency, by Joseph Ellis and came across the word, “ukase,” which I had never seen before.  The next day, the word of the day on the elevator news screen was —– ukase, a Russian word meaning directive.   I was on the phone with a contractor and was giving him my wife’s name, “Suzanne” and said it was spelled like Suzanne Sommers.  At that moment he expressed shock as his secretary happened to be on the internet and a picture of Suzanne Sommers popped up.  But as I explain in this excerpt on synchronicity from my book, The Collapse of Materialism, published on the Inner Self website, these rare coincidences occur not only in the mundane events of daily life,  but also in the universe at large.




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