The Collapse of Materialism

All signs are pointing to a new scientific paradigm coming up over the horizon.  The world of materialism ⎯ the notion that the entire physical world from spiral galaxies to the spiral staircase of the DNA molecule ⎯ can be explained  as a random collection of mindless particles, is coming to an end.  In its place a new worldview is rising, powered not by a big bang of mindless energy but by an explosion of creativity from One Mind, the energy of the spirit that some call God.   Here, science will find its Theory of Everything and religion its promised land, when each adds one more power to the forces of nature: the dreaming power of the human mind.

In The Collapse of Materialism, Visions of Science, Dreams of God, lawyer and visionary futurist, Philip Comella, urges the reader to open their mind for a short while and consider the world not as a machine, but as a great dream of God, one where we are at the center of creation rising to understand ⎯ and appreciate ⎯ the reality of the dream.  Comella shows how all worldly phenomena, including the objects of scientific study and religious worship, can be explained through the dream lens. Citing authorities across all fields of thought, the paranormal, philosophy, science, and religion, Comella makes an overwhelming case that the dream vision better explains the world than science’s outdated mechanical model.  It is time to put the old model to rest, re-adjust the world’s navigation system, and head our planet away from separateness and discord toward the place where science fulfills its vision of explaining the world, and God fulfills its dream of a world united.

There is a growing realization that a materialistic science-without-consciousness is not just an incomplete and erroneous view but a dangerous one as well. In THE COLLAPSE OF MATERIALISM: VISIONS OF SCIENCE, DREAMS OF GOD, Philip Mereton shows why. As he reveals, there are many areas within science that have been largely ignored that demand a fair hearing -- not least of which is that the 'matter' upon which materialism rests cannot be understood without reference to mind. If we are successfully to respond to the global challenges of this century, a vision akin to Mereton's is required -- a view in which sentience, mind, and consciousness are central.

Larry Dossey, MD - Author, One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part Of A Greater Consciousness And Why It Matters

Philip Comella addresses some of the most important questions of our time concerning the nature of life, the limits of science and the need for a new worldview.

Tim Freke - Author of The Mystery Experience

As a mystic who has personally experienced pure consciousness and the quantum ``reality`` scientists claim cannot exist, this book was an eye-opening voyage through the inner realms of material science and the tangled web scientists, cemented in the bias of preconceived beliefs, have woven in an attempt to deny the true fabric of our shared ``reality.`` A must read for anyone who seeks to better understand not only how the rift between science and spirit occurred but why Philip Comella's point-by-point arguments tear down the wall materialism has formed around the truth of our world ... our human existence ... and our perception of reality.

Carol Romine - Author, Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny

We are divided in so many ways that it almost seems impossible to think that humanity might ever share a common worldview. The most fundamental division in our thinking, leading to a vast array of other divisions, is this: Did the material universe produce consciousness, or did consciousness produce the material universe? Materialistic science is entrenched in the first notion, whereas most spiritual traditions align with the latter. Which one is right? Philip Comella, in writing The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God eloquently gives the arguments for a field of consciousness―The Real Dream―as the source of all that is. In this beautiful, yet meticulous, debunking of the errors and excesses of materialism, Comella slowly and surely can win over the most recalcitrant materialistic mind and establishes a common base of understanding that could be the beginning of a unified worldview for scientists, seekers of spirit, and just about everyone else.

Contrary to so many other writings on the new paradigm, this book offers no quick fixes or easy solutions, but rather a serious and thought-provoking journey into answering the biggest questions of all time. It’s not the sort of book you plan to read in a given length of time. It is a book that I keep on my reading table for those precious moments late in the day, when we can allow ourselves to think about the big questions and ponder the spiritual nature of our Source. For me, it is then a joy to pick up The Collapse of Materialism and take part of that journey on a subject that intrigues me. Whether it is a new angle on inflationary theory, classical Darwinism or the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics, Philip Comella never fails to amaze with his thoughtful insight. This work, developed over decades of research and personal inquiry, is, indeed, what it sets out to be: a new message of hope in our troubled world. This book should be required reading for any soul who longs to know why we are here and how we can make our highest Real Dream come true.

Emanuel Kuntzelman - President and Founder, Greenheart Transforms

In The Collapse of Materialism, Philip Comella calmly and methodically demonstrates the inconsistencies in the materialistic worldview, covering not only the meaning behind quantum theory but also the gaps in cosmology and Darwinism. The clarity and thoroughness of his arguments are highly impressive, yet the text remains readable and accessible throughout. Having described the collapse of materialism, Comella then provides possible bridges to the future in which he sees that mind and matter may no longer be seen as separate. If the implications of this book are truly understood then it represents nothing less than a scientific revolution.

Manjir Samanta-Laughton, MD - International Speaker and author of Punk Science and The Genius Groove

If you have ever asked yourself the big questions of life, how did we get here and what is our place in this complexly beautiful world we call reality, and wanted answers grounded in science and a spiritual heart, you will love this book.

With impeccable logic steeped in meticulous research and deep philosophical understanding of the historic unfolding of materialist science that has limited us and religious belief that has separated us, Philip Comella shows us a way to move beyond the crumbling assumptions of a bygone age and embrace the quantum discovery of the essential role of mind in conscious creation. He takes us on a thoughtful and entertaining odyssey in this personal and universal conversation he rightly refers to as “beyond science and religion” to suggest solutions to scientific conundrums and evoke a new vision of reality with wisdom that is at once informative, a teaching, and a call to something higher.

In the great tradition of thinkers who have shaped our world and our place in it, he asks you to be truly open, makes you comfortable with setting aside your most deeply held beliefs, taking you to a place of clarity and ability to think for yourself in a way you have never done before. We realize that science and religion, derived from the same source, can once again meet in a real vision that satisfies skeptics and believers alike.

Dianne Collins - Creator of QuantumThink® and author of award-winning bestseller, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World

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