Conversations Beyond Science and Religion: What Can Our Finely-Tuned Universe Tell us About God?

Not only car engines can be finely tuned. It turns out that the closer scientists look at the inner workings of the cosmos, the more they find that our own universe is precisely tuned to support life. Books such as “Just Six Numbers” (Martin Rees), “The Goldilocks Enigma” (Paul Davies), and “The Grand Design” (Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow), highlight the special features of our world — forces, constants, and ratios — that, if even slightly altered, would make life impossible. In this show, we talk with well-known astrophysicist, Bernard Haisch, author of the best-selling books, The God Theory and the Purpose-Driven Universe ( to evaluate three options for explaining the source of this fine-tuning: chance; the existence of 10500 other universes (the “multiverse”)” or God. Tune in to see which option seems to make the most sense. The answer this astrophysicist gives may come as a surprise.

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