Why this Revolution is Necessary: What if the World is Really a Dream?

A new scientific revolution is on the horizon.  Writers and thinkers from all fields are increasingly coming to the realization that the worldview of materialism, where matter comes before mind and the universe is viewed as a chance outcome without meaning or purpose, does not explain either the natural world outside or the spiritual world within. 

The material science worldview is the home of the Big Bang, the God delusion, and the heat death of the universe.  It is the worldview of Nobel prize-winning scientists, textbook writers, and doomsayers.  It is the worldview based upon the assumptions that mind emerged from matter, life from dead particles, and that the entire material world exists independently of the mind and operates  beyond its control.

The reason why this revolution is necessary is because the worldview of modern science is false and separates us from our true nature. 

Imagine this scenario:

Suppose the world emerged from a powerful mind rather than a powerful explosion of matter and energy at the Big Bang.   Suppose the world is really a dream.   If this is true, then the source of the world we experience (and the body we experience it with)  is the mind, something deeply internal, something inside of us. 

This would in turn mean that our internal states direct the dream, determine its character, its make-up and destiny.   The world would come from us, not at us.  And further, if the world is a dream, it must be a powerful dream,  an intense, sustained vision of the mind; the deepest rainbow in the sky.

Today, modern science teaches that the world outside our minds controls our destiny.  Our bodies are destined to wrinkle and die; the universe is destined to run out of energy and some day collapse;  the world of people are separated by religion, nationality, politics, and color, never to be joined.  The universe is a foreign thing, whose mysteries lie far out in space or deep within the atom.

Hold that thought.

Suppose the world is really a dream, but that this powerful mind buys into the notion that the dream runs on its own power apart from the mind’s control.  The “independent world” software gets plugged into the mind’s hardware and begins spinning out a world reflecting this misguided viewpoint.  If  the mind is led to accept the notion that we live in a self-limiting world of certain death, elusive peace, and a deteriorating universe, then that is what you will get.  The infinite dreaming mind is free and can only dream what is on its mind.  It will create a world according to what it believes.

That is why this revolution is necessary.  We must clear the misconceptions from the mind, remove the false belief in an independent world to free the mind to dream its highest thoughts, its grandest dream.

Now suppose you believe this is all new age hogwash.  But you must admit there is a chance it is right, and if so, it would be best to delve deeper.  It would be a good idea to examine the belief system of modern science critically; look for holes in its theories, unnecessary assumptions; facts thought to be true because someone famous said so, not because they are true.

The chance that the world is a dream means we must be careful about beliefs we hold that tell us the outside world and our bodies are self-operating machines.   It is this critical, foundational belief we must examine before all others, for it may determine the very world we live in.


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