Conversations Beyond Science and Religion: The Bible and Science Revisited

The matter-only worldview of modern science has no place for the God of the Bible. But the scientific worldview is itself filled with unsolved mysteries, such as the creation of matter, dark matter, the laws of nature, and the origin of life. Other events, such as those involving the paranormal, have no place in the scientific worldview because science has no theory to account for them. Meanwhile, 90% of U.S. citizens believe in God, and the Bible remains far and away the best-selling book of all time. Is there something in the Bible that might provide the missing piece to the scientific puzzle? Thomas Fusco, the author of Behind the Cosmic Veil: A New Vision of Reality Merging Science, The Spiritual and the Supernatural, joins host Philip Mereton in a no-holds barred conversation that examines the gaps in our current science worldview, and how revisiting our spiritual foundations might lead us to the answer after all.

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