Conversations Beyond Science and Religion: The Reality of ESP Through the Eyes of a Scientist

It is commonly believed that modern science has no place for the paranormal in its world picture. As Nobel prize-winning physicist, Stephen Weinberg, writes, “what possible physical signal from our brains could move distant objects and yet have no effect on any scientific instruments?” But others believe that the evidence for the paranormal is as strong, if not stronger, than the evidence for certain theories of modern science, such as string theory and dark matter. One of the leading researchers of the paranormal, and in particular, remote viewing (or clairvoyance), is physicist, Russell Targ, who was a pioneer in the development of the laser and co-founder of the CIA-sponsored Stanford Research Institute’s investigation into psychic abilities. Mr. Targ has helped find a downed Russian bomber in Africa, report on the health of the American hostages in Iran, and even locate the whereabouts of Patricia Hearst during her famous kidnapping in the 1970′s. With the evidence in favor of ESP now all but irrefutable, perhaps the current scientific worldview will need to change to incorporate this hidden power. Join host Philip Mereton as he engages Russell Targ in a conversation about the innate psychic ability we have yet fully to utilize.

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